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This portal is about Catalogs

There are 5 Catalogs in Candy Sugar Kingdom, they all Are Located in World by Leaving Costume Catalog. Some of Sell Exclusive items.


The Clothing Catalog is Located at your Profile at top Left Corner. it Sells 14 Costume, But you Can buy only 13 Because you get 1 Costume free by Sign up. You Need Many Beans and Premium Membership to Buy all Costumes.


The Upgrades Catalog is Loacated at NPC Teddy by Clicking on him then Clicking of Shop. He Sales Candies on 50 Beans each and Chocolate Bar in 100 Beans. Candies Restores you Pet's Hrt, Sta and Mana. You Can Sell Candies too.


You Can Buy Scrolls from NPC Leon. Only Some Penguins by Scrolls because Scrolls are So Expensive. Scrolls Gives you Special Moves but you Can get Scrolls by Fighting Some Jellies that have scrolls. You Can Sell Scrolls too.


This Catalog is Located at NPC Daisy that Sold Weapons for Pets. You Can Sell your Items too. This is Only for Who that Don't Get Items Easily and Do Real Hardword for Items but they Don't Get Items too.

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