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Candy Sugar Kingdom
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Candy Sugar Kingdom' is an indie MMORPG with pets as well as a realtime action game which requires skill and strategy to be able to defeat your opponents. This is a social game where players can make friends, gain levels and much more. The game play type consists of two entirely different games in which you can play RPG with your pets in the World or you can play a similar style to the classic Bomberman game with modern modifications which puts player vs player or team vs team inside the game room.

Welcome to the awesome destructive power of Candy , yes you heard me Candy, in the world of Candy Sugar Kingdom combatants will compete to perform tasks or to annihilate their opponents. There will be be blood, sweat, tears and Candy, Okay so maybe there won't be any blood but still this is what separates the little people from the other umm little people. Who will be left standing and who will get knocked out of the arena is dependent on the skill of the players , the teamwork between the players and the blessing from the Candy gods.

To play this game the only requirements are a Computer , a Browser , Flash Player 10 and the courage to set foot into the arena where few people every make it out of to be able to tell the tale of their epic battles. This game is so cute that it is evil.

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